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Insects of the Yucatan Peninsula

Owl Butterfly Owl Butterfly
Photo by sersen, Creative Commons license

Butterflies are probably the best documented insects online. Information about other insects is sparse and scattered.

Butterfly Photos

  • A very nice ID chart of selected species from Northern Yucatan by Jim Conrad ...link
  • John Sterling's photos of Yucatan butterflies ...link
  • Yucatan butterflies by Tom Murray ...link
  • Yucatan insects (excluding butterflies) by Tom Murray ...link

A partial list of Butterflies and Moths

There are over 1200 species of butterflies and moths in the Yucatan.
  • Giant Sicklewing - Achlyodes busirus
  • Iphicleola (Confusing) Sister - Adelpha iphicleola ...photo
  • One-spotted Prepona - Archaeoprepona demopho ...photo
  • Two-barred Flasher - Astraptes fulgerator ...photo
  • Bumblebee Metalmark - Baeotis zonata
  • Juniper Hairstreak - Callophrys gryneus
  • Pompilia Satyr - Cissia pompilia ...photo
  • Julia - Dryas iulia ...photo
  • Bernardino Dotted-Blue - Euphilotes bernardino
  • Tropical White - Glutophrissa drusilla ...photo
  • Glaucous Cracker - Hamadryas glauconome ...photo
  • Mountain Longwing - Heliconius hortense ...photo
  • Tropical Buckeye - Junonia evarete
  • Ruddy Daggerwing - Marpesia petreus
  • Pale Mylon / Dingy Mylon - Mylon pelopidas
  • Orange-barred Sulphur - Phoebis philea
  • Cloudless Sulphur - Phoebis sennae
  • Leading Redring - Pyrrhogyra neaerea ...photo
  • Malachite - Siproeta stelenes
  • Ceanothus Silkmoth - Hyalophora euryalus
  • Silver-Spotted Tiger Moth - Lophocampa argentata

Other Insects


  • A list of over 400 species compiled by Armas Hill of Focus on Nature Tours ...link
  • Jim Conrad, at Backyard Nature, has a few notes based on his insect encouters. ...link
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